Disneyland Recap

Who out there loves Disneyland? My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to go once a year. Two out of the last three times I’ve been, I’ve gone pregnant. The first was during my first trimester and I will never do that again. This time was way more enjoyable! We went with my whole family (mom, dad, brothers, sister, sister-in-laws, and nephew).

We got this awesome ‘leash’ on Amazon and it saved us! Gideon is such an active little boy and it was nice not having to worry about him running away or someone taking him. He fought it a little bit but most of the time was fine with it. We had lots of crazy eyed stares but also lots of people asking us where we got it. We should’ve bought extra to sell!


We did a three day pass and went to Disney twice and California Adventure the other day. We were staying for 5 days so we did two days on, had a rest day and then headed back to soak up our last day. On our day off, we went to Huntington Beach. It was such a nice change from the cold! Gid had so much fun in the sand, even though he ate way too much of it for his own good.



Find a hotel as close to the park as you can! We stayed at Anaheim Inn and Suites. It was only about a ten minute walk to the park. This was the only way I survived! Taking a break in the middle/hottest part of the day was the best idea we had. There no way me or the small boys would’ve been as happy as we were without our power naps. This also allowed us to save some money and eat cheaper outside of the park.


Go with an attitude of gratitude! I knew there were rides I couldn’t go on but that didn’t get in the way of how much fun I could have. The Disneyland website has a list of rides to avoid while pregnant. There was a lot of construction going on at both parks so some of the rides were closed anyway. I mostly followed their advice and these are the rides I purposely didn’t go on: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the new Guardians of the Galaxy. I didn’t feel like I missed to much! Plus I loved going on as many small ones with Gid as I could.


Take lots of snacks and stay hydrated. Our favorites were almonds, pistachios, wheat thins and beef jerky. We also packed flavor packets to make sure we were drinking enough. We only ate a meal one day at the park (bread bowls, what else?) and had a treat a day (frozen orangeade, churro and ice cream sandwich).


Wear clothes that are comfy! I’m not a fan of real maternity clothes but I found some awesome stretch waistline capris at Walmart. I bought a pair of Keens that have been so great for any type of travel and walking long distances. They were perfect to walk around in. We walked just about 20,000 step every day! I would also suggest to start walking before hand if you haven’t been exercising at all or your body will not be happy.

Now check out some pictures of our awesome time!

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