Embrace the Journey

Can we be real here for a sec? My pregnant self is seriously lacking lately. I am totally opposite of my usual self. I basically have no drive to do anything besides cuddle with my one and a half year old and eat cookie dough…which has been fine but I am ready for the next phase. I’m hoping having a blog as a hobby can help me be a little more motivated and organized.

There are some things I’m excited to get back to that I’ve been unintentionally avoiding like journaling, plannering (is that a word?), meal planning/prepping, cooking, exercising, making lists, cleaning the house (we’ve lived in our house over a year and haven’t bought toilet cleaner. Homemaker of the year right here), and organizing in general. Hopefully I can share some lifestyle tips and tricks and you can join me on my journey.

Here are some things to know about me: I’ve been married for three years, have a one and a half year old named Gideon and I’m due the end of April with our second. I teach sixth grade part time and I absolutely love it! I love Disney movies and we have one on basically all the time at our house. Disneyland will be my first recap post and I didn’t plan on that so I don’t have too many pictures but it should be enough. I love running but I’m a little low on ability right about now. I did a half marathon three months after my first and that definitely is not happening this time. I’ve kept up on yoga about twice a week but that’s it. As far as other fitness goes, I mostly bounce around with things I find on Pinterest. I love traveling/adventuring and hope to share some places I’ve been.

If you’re here reading this, comment below with other things you’d like to see from me and we will get this party started!



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