Hard is Good!

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to share some thoughts I had about a conference talk I listened to this week. I work part time and have a half hour commute a couple days a week. I decided to use this time to listen to uplifting messages from our prophets and apostles. It has made such a difference in my week! I find myself more often thinking of Christ and of things I can do to better myself and serve others. Here are some of the takeaways I got from reading Elder Stanley G. Ellis’s talk- Do we Trust Him? Hard is Good.

My favorite quote from the talk is when is said, “Hard makes us stronger, humbles us and gives us a chance to prove ourselves.” He followed that by giving  some examples.

  • Pioneers came to know God through the hard things they had to go through. They learned to have faith even though they had so many afflictions.
  • It took Nephi many times to be able to retrieve the brass plates, even though it was a commandment. This was the Lord’s way of strengthening Nephi.
  • The Law of Sacrifice involves giving up something desirable. With experience we realize it is a small price to pay in relation to the blessings that follow.

 Hard is part of the gospel plan.

There was one part that stuck out to me the first time I heard this and I was grateful for the reminder of it again. Elder Ellis used the analogy of a chick trying to get out of its shell. If the chick has help to get out, it won’t be strong enough to survive life after. The chicks are meant to struggle to make themselves strong enough to endure what will come next.

I find myself applying this to all aspects of my life: teaching, motherhood, marriage. These are all wonderful things but have their challenges. I love thinking that the Lord knows my struggles and knows how they can make me stronger.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to or read this talk, I want to challenge you to do that this week and see what challenges you have had that made you stronger. Have a Happy Sabbath!

Hard is Good (1)


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