Pregnancy Update

First of all, I am so grateful to be the home to this second little baby boy of ours. I am currently 31 weeks along. Pregnancy is such a wild ride and while it can be hard, I love the miracle that it is! So here’s my way of dealing with it (humor).

you know you're (1)

You know you’re pregnant when…

  • Drinking water gives you heartburn
  • Looking at Pinterest gives you heartburn
  • You go to fill up a water bottle, get distracted by cookies and then forget everything you needed to do that day
  • You walk by the mirror, think about sucking it in and give up before that though even finishes
  • Google becomes your best friend and worst enemy..especially when using ‘pregnancy’ and ‘normal’
  • Putting on socks and shoes is like a circus act, so you opt for sandals in the snow
  • You stay awake for a whole movie that was started before 8 pm and need someone to high five you for it
  • Your toddlers bedtime becomes your bedtime
  • You teach sixth grade full of boys and can smell them BEFORE recess is over
  • Coworkers stare at you eating and before you can say anything, they respond, “We know, we know, it’s for the baby.”
  • You try on all your clothes and then end up back in the sweats
  • The glowing people talk about is really sweat and it gives you zits
  • Your husband knows there’s a certain way he has to help you off the couch. This way, THEN that way.
  • You cry for no reason and then try to laugh about it which leads to more crying
  • You wake up, take a shower and then nap because it was exhausting
Thanks for reading!

If you’ve been pregnant before, here are a few questions for you:

What do you miss most about being pregnant?

What do you miss least about being pregnant?

What would you add to this list?

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