Europe Part 1

Last year in June we got the opportunity to travel to Europe with Connor’s parents for his college graduation present. We were there for 10 days and did a road trip through Switzerland, down through Italy and all the way back up. Neither of us had ever been anywhere in Europe before. We did a little bit of research before we left, but I had no idea what to expect for most of it. This first post will be all about our time spent in Switzerland.

Switzerland was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been! Looking at all the pictures makes me want to go all over again. We spent all our time outside exploring as much as we could. The waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, and mountains were breathtaking.

We flew into Zurich and the first place we stopped was at a chocolate factory (Connor’s idea). Most of the things he wanted to do involved food, so I’m glad we got lots of samples and bought some to bring home. My favorite thing to see was the chocolate moldings of places in Switzerland.

Our next stop was Lucerne. I would definitely recommend going to see Chapel Bridge. The bridge itself is amazing but it is surrounded by a lake, churches and farmers markets. You can do a rowboat on the lake or walk up the towers, which is what we did. I loved seeing the view from the top! There are nine towers, but we only made it to the top of a couple different ones.

We woke up early on the morning we were going to see the Jungfrau (Top of Europe). It’s cheaper if you go on the first couple trains up. It was amazing to go from being in the valley surrounded by tons of water and green to the top of the Swiss Alps. We switched trains a couple times to the top. The second half of the ride is all through the tunnel they carved through the mountain. They have short breaks where you can get out and see the view.


Once you get to the top, you go through a self-guided tour. My favorite part had to be the ice tunnel! You also get the chance to go outside. We saw some crazy people hiking to the top of peaks all around us. It was already pretty busy, so I was glad we went early in the morning.

We were staying in Interlaken at an Airbnb. I had never stayed in one before but we had  a great experience. We had the basement portion of the house, which opened onto a patio so we could see the lake. We also had the best pizza that we had on the whole trip, but I can’t remember what the place was called.


The last thing we did before we headed out of Switzerland was to visit Trummelbach in Lauterbrunnen. It’s basically this huge tunnel cut out from glacial waterfalls, so it’s inside the mountain. The pictures don’t do it justice and explaining it isn’t enough, so you’ll just have to go there ;).

Questions for you!

If you could go anywhere in Europe, where would it be?

If you have been there, what would you recommend to others?


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