Shadow Box

I am so excited to share this! I have been wanting to make one of these for Gideon since he was born. I felt a little more motivated to do it now that our second is almost here. That way, I’ll want to make him one after too!


To be honest, I had no idea these display cases were called shadow boxes. I went to Michaels to look for some and just about gave up after looking through all the frames. On my way out, I saw some in the clearance section and almost cried (remember I’m 36 weeks pregnant). The best part was that it came in a pack of two so in my mind it was meant to be.

I got home late the night I bought these but that didn’t stop me from immediately looking through everything I had from Gideon’s birth and hospital visit. It brought back so many great memories of having him. It made me even more excited to go back. Is it weird that I loved being in the hospital?


I ended up painting the back of it because the color matches some other decorations in his room already. The other option was to find paper or fabric to put in the background. Since I have no craft skills whatsoever, I finished it all up at my moms house. She has a hot glue gun which sounded better than the double sided tape I was going to use. I tried lots of different layouts and ended up with one that I love! I am so excited to hang this in the wall in our nursery. Gideon was just as excited as I was. He kept saying “Hi” to it and I thought he was talking to his baby picture but he was more interested in his reflection in the glass…







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