Mommy Style Monday:Bonding with Kids

This is my first post for Mommy Style Monday. When I first heard about this group I thought it was more about fashion stuff (which it can be) and my first thought was…I’m pregnant and all I wear is sweats. I’m happy to tell you the topic we were given for this week was how we make our kids feel special and bond with them.

For me it’s a little different because I only have one right now. It’s pretty easy to put my time and attention into taking care of him. Gid has been sick the last couple days and I’m soaking up all his snuggles while I can. I know he will make a great big brother but I’m a little nervous for how he’ll handle it at first. Being pregnant, I definitely have a little less energy to play with him. I saw someone post the other day about how they let their toddler watch one movie a day and they were concerned it was too much. I hate feeling like I’m alone in the house so we have the tv on all day…Gid is very active and probably only actually watches one a day but it’s more for my benefit. I know I’ll have different phases in the life of being a mom so I say just do whatever works for you!

Gideon is definitely becoming a Momma’s boy and I’m not complaining. He loves to come get a hug and kisses when he gets hurt. He loves to pull me around by my finger (or anyone who will follow him) to get what he wants. He loves to play cars and have snacks out all the time.

I am super stoked that the weather is getting nice outside! If it was only up to him, we’d be out there whether it’s cold or hot. He loves exploring in nature. I want to share as much with him as I can.

Another aspect that goes into taking care of Gid is that I teach elementary school part time. In some ways I think this makes me a better mom! It helps me realize that the time I have with him is special and the nights I come home from work, I am way more focused on spending time with him.

Questions for you:

1. What do you do with your kids to bond with them?

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  1. I was in your shoes just a short year ago! Enjoy that special time with your little guy. As for the TV, I am the same way. We live out in the boonies and so if I don’t have noise I get spooked easier. I agree 100% that things like screen time are what works best for you!


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